20 years in School Nursing

  1. To those who are thinking of going into school nursing,I would suggest subbing for a while.I chose it when our fourth child was ready for preschool to keep myself current and involved. She just turned 25 so I guess I got hooked.I love the work ,I have worked with all age groups.My favorite is High School. There are long days until 5-6pm and others when you leave right after the kids but no day is the same.School Nursing has changed tremendously in the past 12 years.I live in MA where the goal is one RN,BSN per school .A Master's degree is encouraged.We are also certified by the State Department of Ed.and take the teachers literacy exam.A minimum of 2yrs of peds experience is required.I have had nurses in other disciplines say" wow how do you do it?" and others say "how did you get such a cushy job?" I really take only 4 weeks off completely ,that is July. The rest of the vac. I'm usually doing something related to my job.I encourage you to give it a try,I have more feel good days then discouraging ones.It's definitely not Just Bandaids! :redpinkhe
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