"Hello to All" and a brief intro

  1. Hello to all long-term members, to fellow newbies and to casual visitors -

    This is my first post to this board although I've visted before and have followed several discussion threads over the past few years. As you may have noted by my username I'm a RN-tutor, a career path that I've been fortunate enough to develop after an injury that ended my clinical career in the ED.

    I was a career changer when I completed my BSN about 8 years ago; my earlier degree was in biology with a minor emphasis in chemistry. I had worked in a wide variety of jobs all over the North East in research, industry and business before making the transition to nursing. Becoming a nurse was originally just the first step in a plan I had made to transition to professional disaster management after about 12 years as a volunteer EMT with a rural rescue service. I have almost completed the master's program I had planned but my disability has slowed my progress in that area also.

    I began tutoring about 6 years ago purely as a volunteer at the request of a friend and former clinical instructor who had a clinical group with 6 of 8 students needing serious help if they were to pass the remaining exams in Adult Health Nursing. The professor knew I had done some private one-on-one tutoring, had trained emergency medical technicians and had been certified as an instructor by the US Army (Reserve); she also knew I was then at home, unable to work and was going so silly with boredom that I would jump at the chance to do something 1-2 hours a week.

    I'm now work for the SON part-time as the nurse-educator responsible for the tutoring program that has developed as a result. I've been fortunate to have gained the faculty's trust and administrative staff's support and now tutor 8 undergraduate courses, essentially most of the tougher ones. The large numbers of nursing students admitted each semester at the university has given me significant opportunities to tutor a great variety of students from many cultures, some with unique needs or learning disabilities. I do a small amount of private tutorial work as well for healthcare sciences, nursing and emergency medical technician courses, usually with students or recent graduates who face special challenges with exams/ NCLEX-RN.

    My decision to become a participant in this forum is based in my desire to foster the recruitment of qualified individuals interested in healthcare to nursing and to encourage their progression through nursing school and the licensing process until they are ready to begin practice as new professionals.

    A final note - as I frequently explain to students, the '365' in my username refers to my the suite where I had my first official cubicle in the SON - it was never intended to be represent my availability :chuckle .

    Whew! That's more than I'd intended to disclose first time out but I'm looking forward to exchanging insights with you in the future. - S.L.
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