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Hello All.

I'm a new(10 mo) RN, and was an RT for 30 years. I work with Grace on Wings. We are an all volunteer charity air ambulance. We fly a Mitsubishi turbo prop, and just aquired a Lear Jet. We do BLS, and ALS flights on adult and pediatric patients. We typically fly people who do not qualify for flights under their insurance. Often it's someone who will need an extened hospitalization because of an illness or injury experienced away from home. I function as an RT on flights until I get more experience. I'm an NICU nurse full time. I'm looking forward to learning from all of you.

Michael Owens RN/RRT

Always_Learning, BSN, RN

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Good morning, Michael!

I looked up the Grace on Wings organization web site, and it seems like a really awesome venture.

Welcome to allnurses!


And thank you for being a part of Grace on Wings! Such a wonderful organization, with a great cause and message, that changes lives for the better in more ways than just one :)!!

You have my dream job!! :) John 3:16