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Interviews, what to expect and anticipate, hospitals in Jackson

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Hi everyone! How are you all doing?hope the below freezing temp isn't bothering us much here.

Am getting ready to submit my applications to different hospitals here in central MS, and (fingers crossed) Hopefully I get a job soon. I'm wondering

-how does the employment process here go?

-is there a phone interview?

-who schedules the interview?

-who does the interview and what are the usual questions?

-what should I expect?

-when do they usually let you know you are hired?

-what are the tips you can give us first time applicants!

I sound so dumb here, I never had a hospital interview before since I worked as a private duty nurse though I went through hmmmm....5 interviews to get that job. 3times from employer and 2 times from the MD we were to work with. This job was in the middle east and I was given a tourist visa just to have those interviews.... I don't know the set-up here in the US. I'd really appreciate you helping not just me but the other first time applicants out there....

Oh and another thing... Which hospital has the best standing in terms of benefit?st D?umc?baptist?how about MCMC in canton?

MS sure is the hospitality state !

Thank you so very much!!!

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