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Interviewing the Right Way - 10 steps

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Here are Ten helpful tips of interviewing the right way.

Interviewing the Right Way - 10 steps

Interviewing can be hard work but so is getting the job that you thought you wanted, only for you to realize that it was not what you wanted ... not at all.

So how does one prevent this waste of time, money and energy on both the parts of the interviewer and the interviewee? By bringing you to the interview...be engaged.

Here are 10 steps on having an engaging interview

1. What do I hope to accomplish?

Knowing the answer to this BEFORE you get to the interview is an eye-opener because it helps you determine beforehand, without any pressures, what you are willing or not willing to accept.

2. How can I sell my work experiences?

You are the author of your story, so the write (or speak) your story. It is said that a story is one of the most memorable ways to be remembered, so tell the story of your work experiences and how you came to be in that interview room

3. What do I need to know about this company and position?

Before going into the interview, do your research. In this days of everything being on the Internet, that is not a hard thing to do

4. How can I allay the interviewer's fears?

No matter how many times an interviewer has done the process, there is still always the lingering fear of hiring a wrong fit. Once you have determined, that is a place for you, don't hesitate to allay the interviewer's fears

5. How can I stand out from other candidates?

Going into that interview, you already knew that you would be in the ring with one or more other candidates, so it would make no sense to go into that interview and come out the same. Stand out

6. How do I dress for this interview?

These days many people do not put much attention into how they are dressed, but not you. Because you know your worth and are a professional, you will take time to plan ahead and prepare on what outfit to wear. It does not have to be expensive but it does have to be well-pressed and coordinated is a must plus the added confidence boost it gives you.

7. How do I follow up with the interviewer?

At the end of the interview, you want to be sure to collect contact information for the interviewer. It serves as one of two things- a way to express your thanks for the interview and networking opportunity to follow up at a later date, should you not get this job and something else comes up in the future.

8. How do I conclude our conversation?

The end of the interview is just as important as the beginning; do not leave the conversation hanging in the air. Be a closer and close it!

9. How do I make this interview warm and memorable?

Exude confidence and truly listen when the interviewer speaks. Don't be in such a haste to respond- absorb and then respond.

10. How do I come away from this interview knowing that I gave it my best shot?

Take a notebook with you- writes notes, highlight important facts, check off what you have discussed and do a quick mental review to be sure that both you and the interviewer come away satisfied.

Lastly, be sure to ask questions of the interviewer as they do of you. You are equally there to vet them and see if the company and position is one that you would enjoy working at. Go ace your next interview!


4 Articles; 16,180 Visitors; 176 Posts

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