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Interview on Wednesday!

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So guys and gals, i have an interview on Wednesday for a CNA position in a LTC facility. The facility is very good (5 stars on the medicaid website), and is a nice looking place. The position is full time, but full time to them means 72 hours a pay period (36/wk). The shift is 6am-2:30.

So, any interview advice? There will be no shift differential, so any advice on negotiating for more money? (No CNA exp yet, but a Bachelors degree and needing to get as much as i can). How about more hours, as i would like to be at 40/wk? What questions should i ask them? (I am thinking about asking about tuition reimbursement as they say they have it, availability of overtime, what their "holiday pay" means, patient to staff ratios). Anyone have any other questions i should ask?

What questions should i be prepared to answer in the interview?

Just about me, I am a 23y/o male, with a BA in an unrelated field, looking to make a career change and eventually become an RN. Thanks all!

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How many people at their facility are currently utilizing the tuition reimbursement, ask them if they have a care plan, or how they give information about the residents, transfers, dietary restrictions to the CNAs, ask a lot of questions about how the facility is run before jumping into money.

I would say... just from past experience be prepared to answer questions about how you would handle a fall, a resident that does not want to be treated by you or is aggressive towards you, how you would handle a resident that refuses care, and this one was hard for me if you knew a nurse or a cna with seniority was doing something dangerous how would you handle that.

As far as money goes if they are firm on their starting salary (as I've found the case around here :(...) ask how often evaluations are, and if you can have evaluations every quarter.

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