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I am an LPN and i have an interview coming up at a hospital. The big problem is when the interviewer would ask the question: "why did you leave your last job?"

The problem is i quit my job at a LTC after just 5 months. i quit after they suspended me for a med error, I didnt give them notice. I felt uncomfortable because i was punished and i know other people made the same mistake and wasn't punished. So after my suspension, i went in and felt i needed to move on ASAP or they were going to do something to jeopardize me or my license, so i called and told the ADON i wouldnt come to work anymore because i was uncomfortable (along with other problems when i started orienting) with the environment.

Anyway, does anybody have any suggestion what i can say at my interview?

Say just that: you felt uncomfortable in the enviroment you worked in and you felt that the expected work could jepordize your lics.