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Interview Questions: Opinion????

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Interviewing for couple of exciting internships today. Would like an opinion on your best answer to the standard:

What will you bring to the team?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Best Strength?


I have answers but do not want to feel like I am too corny.


I bring a caring and patient focused attitude coupled with a willingness and eagerness to learn.

I see myself practicing bedside and having completed my specialty certification in ____________.

My best strength is being caring and very detail oriented (very important in my unit).

My weakness is being so detail oriented that sometimes it can slow me down. I am working on achieving a balance to be an efficient and proficient nurse.

fyi: one of the units is where I already Nurse Tech and have for 18 months (PACU) and the other is the ER. Both are panel interviews.

Constructive critique is welcomed.

Thank you in advance.


Specializes in Home Care.

I think your answers are just fine. Just relax about the interview, sounds like you know what to say.


Specializes in MED/SURG.

I remember stressing over my answers to these questions so here is my two cents.I had to take a long hard look at myself especially the question about weakness.It's always best to be as honest as you can, they will see through fake answers.Also back your answers up with examples,it brings the answer to life. Like the fact that you are caring, what is one thing you did for a patient where you went out of your way for them.Also for your weakness of attention to detail, give examples of exactly how is it a problem and what specifically are you doing to improve.The best thing to do is recall all your experience of caring for patients (seems you have some valuable time spent with pts) make note of all you have done.What went well and what did not go so well and how you learned from the experience.I had four interviews and the most popular question I got was "why do you want to be a nurse?" I recalled an interaction I had with a dying patient that left a lasting impression on me.Laslty, I had my boyfriend act as my interviewer and that helped alot with the deer in the headlight syndrome.At times he said I sounded like a robot and he urged me to be myself and smile.That was the best advice.I got to where the answers rolled off my tongue naturally and I felt confident that I had represented myself truthfully.All of this preparation eventually led to getting the job.So it's great that you are spending time thinking of the questions.So don't forget to make eye contact, try to relax,and smile.Good luck to you!


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