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interview question tips

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good morning, I have finally got my first nursing interview. psych facility.

Any tips on interview questions? I am kinda nervous. Actually, really nervous

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spotangel has 31 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in ED,Tele,Med surg, ADN,outpatient,homecare,LTC,Peds.

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Congrats on the interview! Hope I am not too late answering your questions---!

Tell me more questions----about yourself,your interests, why would you go a good fit,your strengths,weakness,situations and how you handled it?When to escalate an issues.

Dress professionally, arrive 15 mns before,know your route and parking before hand.

Look people in the eye while talking, strong firm handshake, look happy and confident.

If you don't understand a question ask them could you please repeat the question?

Read up on the organization and the interviewer on LinkedIn if you have a name.

Best of luck!

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