Interview with Loyola

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I am an Irish nurse with an interview scheduled with Loyola. As i am new to the US & to Chicago i would appreciate any information on this hospital -good or bad. If you are not comfortable posting here please PM me as i would really appreciate any information. I am looking for info about orientation, general staff treatment, pay scale & tuition funding.

Hi, I don't really know how Loyola treats their staff but my uncle was in a terrible trucking accident a couple of months ago and ended up spending 3 weeks in the ICU there and I was very happy with the facility and the people who worked there. The facility is beautiful and I would definatly consider working there!

Good luck!


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Hey, Irish nurse! Did you get that job in Loyola? If you did - do you like it?


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Please let us know how it's going for you. I just got into their MSN program and if I go will apply ot the medical center.....

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