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Interview for K-2 School Nurse

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I'm going on an interview for a school nurse position (K-2). I'm a new nurse (just a few months experience) and wanted to be sure that I wasn't getting in over my head. I have done some school nurse subbing (high school level) and loved it. I know that most of the recommendations on this site have been that it is important to get your experience before going into the schools. I just know that I won't go back to the stress of the hospital again. Is this a particularly tough age group since they are so young? I'm assuming the major issues that will come up will be diabetes, asthma, seizures, ADHD meds and then your typical first aid, upset stomachs, and colds.

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Do a search of this forum for "interview" There are a lot of good tips.

Be honest. Admit what you do not know and what you will do to get up to speed.

They are looking for team players who will keep kids healthy and in class and take the care of kids with chronic disease off of the teacher's plate. Thye want someone with good social skills who are going to get along with kids, parents and the rest of the faculty and staff.

Good luck on your interview!!

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