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There seems to be a whole range of people looking for interview help, ranging from very basic things, to more complex questions. These were helpful to me for the most basic interview/application things. For the more clinical questions that are asked, I think experience, plus digging through the forums are pretty helpful. But sometimes you never know what to expect them to throw at you...

You're Hired! A Nurse's Guide to Success in Today's Job Market

by Brenda Brozek et al.

Link: http://a.co/bm54xlE

A little pricey for a new grad and no cheaper digital/kindle copy, may be a bit dated by now, but worth it if you're entering the market fresh.

Get Hired Every Time: Job Interview Tips for the New or Seasoned Nurse: A quick guide to nursing job interview success!

by Cybil Vein

Link: http://a.co/9Gzbzed

Digital/kindle only so it's cheap $. Quick and easy read, loaded with general information regarding the nurse interview, but doesn't delve into specific questions for specialized units (like i see posted on the boards). Very helpful for getting the interview right the first time.

Becoming Nursey: From Code Blues to Code Browns, How to Care for Your Patients and Yourself

by Kati Kleber BSN RN

Link: http://a.co/bMfWlm6

Paperback plus kindle version. This is just an honorable mention for newer nurses. I was semi forced to read this, but it did have some helpful points once you're in.

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