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Interview Dilemma

by Pepperony Pepperony (New) New

Hi nurses

During my last semester, I was paired up with a career coach, who happened to be the NICU educator where I am doing my consolidation. We got along quite well, except she has a busy schedule and she couldn't meet me very often. I expressed interest in NICU several times. However, we never went deeper on the topic of potential openings in the NICU. I noticed that they just have a new posting and I heard they are doing a big intake. My only concern was that when I was preparing for another interview for another hospital. I asked her for interview tips and she actually gave me the NICU interview questions and eval criteria of answers for her unit. At the time, I didn't think thoroughly about it and took it as a sample. Now I am wondering if knowing these information will hurt my chances of even getting an interview or hired on that unit because it is unfair to other people? We can only be considered for one unit and one interview at the hospital during an intake. I emailed her to let her know I applied but haven't received a response.