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Internationally train nurse


Having applied to California nursing board to take my boards. They reviewed my academic transcripts from Ireland and they pointed out a deficiency in three areas. They gave me a list of colleges to apply to to meet these deficiencies. However only 2 colleges on the list offered this course. One with 2 year waiting list the other with 7 year. How have others dealt with this issue. Any advise would be appreciated

Hi , I am a RN from Nepal .I had applied for California too.But I have not get any response.How long does it take to reply.

Unfortunately it took months to get any acknowledgement from them. Many phone calls lasting hours in a queuing system only to be cut off before ever getting to speak to a real person. When I did speak to a real person their advise left me with more questions than answers.

You can try applying to other state

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California is not included to the 25 states under the Licensure Compact