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International University Transfer

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Hi there,

I've noticed there are a lot of posts about RNs trying to transfer from the UK to the USA post-graduation, and it seems to be a very complicated process.

I am a first year student in the UK, studying a BSc in Adult Nursing, and was wondering if anyone is aware of any possibility of transferring credits over from a UK to a USA university part-way through a degree programme? And thereby deferring entry into, for example, second year of nursing school in the US?

I'm planning on moving to the USA post-graduation (my partner is American), and I'm wondering if it would be possible/easier to begin this process at this point rather than post-graduation.

Any information that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys.

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It is hard for students to transfer from one university to another in the US so expect it to be harder as a International student. The US also appears to have a lot of prerequisite requirements unlike the UK. Real answers will come from the universities in the area you plan on living and working in

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