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International Travel Nurse companies

Hello everyone. I've been Googling up a storm on trying to find a website that'll explain how international travel works or what options are available out there. Unfortunately most of what I've found relates to international individuals who want to move to the US to get into nursing. I'm the opposite. I'm an American, licensed in California (currently working on my first year of acute care experience) and I'd like to see how possible it is to meld my love of travel with my work as a nurse.

Of course I'm fine with actually moving to another country and just traveling from there but I just want to know if there are businesses that are geared specifically for individuals who want to put their nursing skills to use in a variety of different areas around the world.


JustBeachyNurse specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

Not really. Each country has its own nursing education requirements and work visa requirements. Nursing isn't as universal as many think.


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