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international transcript credit

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hello nurses and future nurses, my name is giona, I studied nursing for 4 years in the philippines finished all my RLE but i still have 10 units left academically so thats the reason why i didnt graduate, wasnt able to continue coz we have to move here in california. Now my question is, is there anyway that i can take a LVN licensure exam or what you guys think i should do first in order for me to continue my preferred profession? thanks in advance..

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There is no guarantee without completing the program you could challenge the NCLEX PN via alternate education (method 3). Do you have a U.S. SSN? Do you meet the minimum educational requirements outlined on the BVNPT website? This challenged license would only be valid in CA and not endorsable to any other state. No other state would consider your partial overseas education towards licensing without graduating.


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