Year 2 BSCN student bridging to RPN

  1. I am a 2nd year BSCN student and i am hoping to do teh bridging program this summer so that i can work as an RPN my last two years. Does anyone have any info on this. What r the pros and cons? Thanks
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  3. by   euphoric_anima
    Do you mean you are a 2nd year RPN student bridging to BScN?
  4. by   Mika8
    No, at Georgian they have a 13 week program in the summer that allows a BScN student to write the RPN exam and work as an RPN their remaining two years of school
  5. by   euphoric_anima
    If you think you can fit time working as an RPN and going to school to finish your BScN, then go for it..It's good experience, but it seems a bit too much to handle. I think working in the summers as an RPN would be great. You will see things in a different light.

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