working visas for foreign nurses

  1. Hi.
    My name is Jenny, I am an E.R nurse in Israel.
    I have a question about working in USA (i prefer california)- If i do pass the NCLEX will i be able to find an employer and get a working visa? What is the process and how am i getting started? I know that in the past it was easier with the H-1C visa, is it still possible? can i still apply for the H-1C? if not, what can i do?

    How do i get a SSN without an employer? And how do i get an employer without a SSN?
    Please help, im so confused. It seems so hopeless

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  3. by   5cats
    If you do a bit of search here and read the news, you must be aware that it's not a good time considering working in the US especially California. H1C was never good for a California hospital anyway. And will be reviewed next year.

    Suggest you use the search function and read the threads. Plenty of info regarding your questions.