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  1. i am a foreign nurse from the philippines, i was able to get a h1c visa and i am working here in texas for over a year now. my i-140 has been approved and i am still waiting for the priority date to be current (i know it will take 3-5 years) geezzz. anyways, my working visa or h1c visa will be expiring in 2 years, does anyone know if i could apply for a work permit? how can i apply for a work permit? what are the requirements? thank you
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    Try an immigration forum instead. I don't even understand what you are talking about...never had to deal with work permits etc.
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    If your H1c expires unless you meet H1b requirements and have a sponsor then you will have to leave the US if your PD isn't current and wait.
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    Which hospital are you working at in Texas?