What is HAAD exam?

  1. Good Day to all!

    Last week I was informed by our Company Physician that she knows someone who could help me find jobs in other country, but the problem is that this person asked me to take on HAAD exam. I don't have any idea about this exam, I've searched from the internet about some information that I may use. I was looking forward to find some sample questionnaire that I may review, but I fail to see some questions and how they do the exam.

    I know that this exam cost $90, and I can get a schedule using pearsonvue. But is there any requirements needed? Is this exam requires oral exam other than computer exam? What is the other things I need to know about taking this exam. And is there someone who knew the type of exam and questions that I might encounter?

    I am hoping for all your response. Thank you in advance! ^.^v
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