What Are Some Great Places To Work In And Around Vancouver?

  1. I am graduating a bachelor of nursing program next year and would like to hear some recommendations on the best places to work in and around the vancouver area. I would like to go into Med/Surg and would like to hear of hospitals that are great for teaching new grads.
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  3. by   meres
    I am going to be a new grad very soon also and with speaking to many classmates and profs there has been mention of the benefits of working at more teaching focused hospital, such as Vancouver General Hospital. Basically anywhere there is lots of learning and resources to be had. I have been working at VGH as an undergrad nurse and have always felt supported and that I could get the assistance that I need, however there have also been a lot of really stressed and tired nurses there because of the increase in patient loads etc, but I think that that is a huge issue really everywhere. Best of luck!