want to study nursing in australia

  1. Hello, Im mishi, 24 years old from Philippines. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing and also a registered nurse here. I already have my IELTS and unfortunately i only got 6.5 band score. Then One school emailed me and said if I want to be a registered nurse in Australia I have to study again for one year? Is it worth take the risk of doing that? Can i enter as enrolled nurse so that i can work?> I want to support myself for study.Please help me. And whats school is the cheapest but have a good standard thanks.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Your best option is to contact the nursing registration board of the state that you want to work in. They should tell you what you need to do to be registered here and give you contacts for bridging programs. I am not too sure if you could work as an EN but you could certainly work as an AIN and be paid not too badly. There is quite a bit of work available I gather for AIN's.