visa screening application

  1. i am now starting my application for visa screen. i have several questions regarding this. maybe some of you can help me with this.

    1. ive found in the internet the visa screen handbook it says that it is the 2008 version. is there a 2009 version?

    2. under item 15
    i also need to request for validation of registration/ license. i think i need to send that to PRC. will i send it to them?

    3. what registration number am i going to place in item 15 letter d. california board of nursing is not isuing license numbers until i get my social security number. what number will i put?

    4. item 16 letter c,
    it says there, if you passed nclex, please list date and location where you passed the examination.
    will i put makati, philippines as the location where i passed?
    and how will i answer "Did passing of this exam leas t a license being issed inthe same state/province and country?"

    thank you for taking time to read my enrty! i am lookking forward to your replies. again, thank you!
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  3. by   Dophamin
    also very helpful would be to go on
    this is a very good website for med. stuff especially and a lot of info regarding visa screen certificate.