visa screen renewal not in the purchase wizard options

  1. hi! my visa screen expired last 2014, but got esaved my documents. and now i want to renew my visa screen but i cant find the visa renewal option in the purchase services.

    please help... i need to renew immediately.

    thank you...
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Have you tried contacting CGFNS?
  4. by   ms.piggy
    not yet, their csr is not available until tomorrow. my friend told me that if renewal is beyond a yr after expiration the fee will be $540 like the regular first time registration and not $270 renewal.

    thank you.
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  5. by   Shazab
    Renewal should be 6 mos before it expires.Good thing u purchased esaved for your transcripts and license.But you have to start it from the beginning and pay 540USD rather than the renewal fee.