very good news!

  1. hi everyone!
    i'm italian and i wrote you some months ago to ask you help for my thesis work... now i want you to know a good news
    the 10th may i graduated with the first-class honours degree!!!!
    now i'm a nurse!!!!!
    i'm very happy for this because it was my dream!!!!:angel2:

    if you know some place in uk where find a job... write me!!!
    thanks a lot!!!!

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  3. by   renerian
    I know that is a good feeling. May I ask what your thesis was on?

  4. by   francescafrancy
    Of course!!!
    It was about the different between Italy, Spain and England and the emergency's nurse job in E&A departement. It was a hard work but finally it passed away!!!!

    thank you for your interesting

  5. by   chrisrob
    well done you :hatparty: