US nurse in Mexico

  1. Does anyone have any information about international travel nursing in Mexico or info on US nurses working in Mexico or nurse practitioners working in Mexico? My wife and I are entertaining the idea of moving to Mexico in the future, no specific area in mind yet, but I wanted to find more information on what my options were as far as working.

    *My wife is a Mexican citizen so I know that areas of Mexico are unsafe, I just need nursing info*

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  3. by   PinayUSA
    You would probably be better setting up some kind of business in Mexico. Maybe open a clinic or a small hospital and hire staff.

    I have had a couple friends move to Mexico and make a fairly good living down there but they owned Outfitter businesses. They catered to US Citizens and ran fishing or hunting guide trips and offered lodging in Mexico. Lots of big bass and nice Whitetail deer and Doves to shoot in Mexico.

    Good Luck
  4. by   Ashley9077
    Did you ever find any info?