Unexpected Oathtaking

  1. i already had my oath taking and it was not what i expected it to be. i was just there at the prc to register because it was my schedule then when i went to the notary public offic at the 2nd floor to have my paper notarized, i some a group of people having there oath right then and there in the office!!! even if i odn't want to do it that way, i was forced to because my paper won't be notarized if i won't do the oath! and so i did, wearing only rusty jeans and a plain shirt.... how awful... i felt like i didn't deserve to be treated that way, i didn't do anything wrong... i cried after that...
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    Moved your post to a thread of its own because you attached it to an existing thread that has nothing to do w/ your post.

    Concerning this issue. Pls read the sticky above concerning the NLE.