uk nurse that lives in uk

  1. how hi in damand is nurses in the uk how is the pay good bad how is the staff i heard britsh i very sweet well atleast the ones i met and people told me
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  3. by   XB9S
    There are lots of threads about the jobs situation in the UK on the site, it's worth taking a look through some of the threads in the international section to find them.

    Jobs in the UK are not good, you need to be an EU citizen to be considered for work unless you fit into the shortage occupation list which in nursing is senior nurses (band 7 and above) or areas such as ICU / PICU but you would need significant experience in these areas to be considered

    As far as British people go, I find it's never wise to me generalisations about a whole nation, you will find the UK is the same as everywhere else, you get some great people and you get some not so great people, .