Uk male student looking for fun in the sun!

  1. Hi im Mat, I am 3rd yr nursing diploma student and due to qualify in sept, woohoo!

    I have had dreams of working in OZ for a couple of years now but not really looked much into it as it seemed so far till i qualified, only a few months now tho so im really excited that it may not be too long before i could be in OZ nursing, Hopefully you kind people4 on here might be able to help me on some questions...

    1. Is there anything i can do in the meantime prior to qualifying to prepare?

    2. I will be travelling alone i think and will prob not know any1 so i was wondering if many of the hospitals have staff accommodation, i think this would suit me initially too make friends.

    3. Shall i do it on my own or through an agency? which 1?

    4. With minimal experience how much will i expect too be paid?

    5. Accommadtion costs?

    6. General cost of living in comparison too UK, i.e. a beer, cigs, food? this is basically what all my money goes too in UK, lol

    7. Best areas for pay, sun, beaches, nightlife, im 27 from birmingham city, would prefer similar city life

    Thanks all advice n tips would be much appreciated from you guys!

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