two RN license?

  1. Can one simutaneously be certified with two licenses from different states? I just got my RN license that was issued by TN but I found it much limited opportunities for a foreign-born nurse in TN. Many hospitals ask the applicants to hold an active state license.... I know I should have considered this before submitting the application form to the TN board of nursing. anyways, it's done... Can I apply for another state's license? or say transfer my license?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You can have as many licenses as you wish, but you will need to go thru the License by Endorsement procedure for each of the new licenses.

    You will not transfer the license that you hold, and it will remain current until it expires if you do not renew it. Endorsement is what you will need to do.
  4. by   chuck1234
    You can get nursing licenses in all 50 states. You can keep your current licenses in TN. All you need is an endorsement from another state...the requirement is varied from state to state.