To all the UK nurses who work in NJ

  1. Dear all UK nurses:
    I'm a UK based Rn looking into moving to NJ in the near future. I'm in the process of finding a agency to help me with the paperwork. Adevia sounds to be a good one but they haven't got any hospitals in NJ, although they said they would be able to find a job for me there through one of the agencies in US. Not fancy going through two agencies, so decided to move to OGP as they have got hospitals there. I'm not sure if that's wise as all the problems they have been having and also the extremely high fines ($8000 befor after Nclex and $25,000 after arriving in US) if I would not be able to finish the contract for any reason. Any suggestions please? How did you all get to NJ, through which agency? What's your salary like and which region do you work? Please please help your fellow nurse. Any input would be very much appreciated!

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    Thread being moved to International Forum, where it is more appropriate since things are much different for foreign nurses working in the US.