TEN intakes for 05

  1. Does anyone know when the Trainee Enrolled Nursing intakes come out in Sydney? Preferably in South Western or Southern Sydney. I defered places at UWS and Flinders because I wanted to do the TEN course first. Now I'm worried I won't complete the course before Uni starts next year.
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  3. by   pmchap
    TENs courses in Sydney can potentially be hard to get into - I would in Central Coast Health and our TEN places where filled by mid January. (with tests etc done last November) If you haven't heard nything yet then get in contact with the Health service and find out where you are positioned. Just so you know the DOH has issued a directive virtually doubling the number of TEN places for 2005. Good luck in whatever happens.
  4. by   Adel
    Thank-you for your help. I'm going to have to rethink the whole Enrolled Nursing thing if it doesn't come out in a few days.