STEPS to getting qualified for the ONP program

  1. Good day everyone!

    Im new here. I just completed the First Step in Applying as a nurse for the ONP. I'm currently waiting for the MANDATORY PACK to arrive, which will be this January. Ive started browsing some of the topics here in the forum.

    I would like to ask how long it would take to get the approval from the NMC once you have completed requirements for the MANDATORY PACK.

    ONCE the you have the NMC approval letter what is the average time spent in waiting to get in a school then onwards to leaving the country.

    Finally how much would everything cost? would it reach 1million pesos?
    Rough estimate from school fees to living expenditures?

    Thanks all for reading this. I would also appreciate it if you could direct me to a site or a link that would answer these questions.

    Thank you :heartbeat
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