1. Is there any Canadian nurseworking in Montana who can tell me if I need a letter from an amployer to get a Social Security number. I have a visa screan and a letter from Nevada Board of Nursing that I passed NCLEX,but I do not have a job in US.I work in Canada.
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  3. by   RNsane
    I don't work in Montana, but I used to work in the states. Are you an American Citizen? If you not, and you are Canadian and wanting to work in the states, you will have to get a letter from your employer in the USA in order to get your TN Visa (which is your permission from the INS to work in the USA). I remember showing my TN visa at the INS office to get my SSN. If you don't have permission from the INS to work, you can get a "non working SSN", which you cannot use for employent purposes but can use for things such as opening a bank account. But you must be staying in the USA legally to get this.