signed w/ agency for US, but plans to go to Canada

  1. I have another concern , which I hope this forum can help me. I have signed with an agency for Fl, USA. The contract states that it takes effects two years from signing and that I have to work with the hospital for 3 years... It did not state the scenario - that what if I CANT be issued viSA within two years from signing. It has been 3 years now... Should I wait forever? If I dont pursue to US, will be charged breach of contract?...thanks a lot
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  3. by   5cats
    You need to contact the agency and talk to them. Theoratically no reason not to move countrys. You just have to be ready once a visa is available and I don't know if this agency has further restrictions, like kind of workplace you're supposed to work etc.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Agree you really need to talk to the agency
  5. by   atzrn