Scared-need some help

  1. I have a interview next week. Going from small community facility to large hospital. Does anyone have recently experience with clinical senarios as part of the interview process-what types of senarios were these. Cheers for any help:smilecoffeecup:
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  3. by   joannep
    Good luck with your interview,
    senarios generally involve behavioural questions, ie; what would your former coworker say was your best strength, what would you do if a doctor ordered a medication/procedure/etc, that you didn't think was in the patient's best interest; how do you respond to stressful situations, tell us about a situation that was stressful and how you coped; they are usually including questions about workplace bullying and harrassment, ie how would you deal with it if you were experiencing it, or if someone you know was experiencing it.
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    Thankyou Joanne I have a interview coming up. Enjoy your trip on the rock. Barb