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  1. Hi all!
    Can anyone tell me what the procedure is in obtaining a position in a government run facility? I'm speaking specifically of the Regional Psychiatric Centre. I understand that these positions are competetive, but what is the process? Do you send in your resume and hope that you get called? Does it do any good to keep calling the place to find out where your application is at, or do they contact you? I've never had this kind of experience before and it has me flummoxed. We are moving to Saskatoon as I'm writing this . I have already received an offer of a position at the University hospital, but would like to look into the options at the psych centre before I commit myself; just don't want to lose what I do have while waiting for the other! I"m also at a disadvantage now as I"m not in the city yet.
    If there are any of you out there that can give me some idea of the process it would be greatly appreciated
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