Salary....RPN vs RN

  1. For some reason I cant find any salary info for RPN's in Ontario.....does anyone know? I know the RN grid, and would like to compare it to RPN.

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  3. by   paulacath
    I don't think RPN pay is as regulated as RN. I was told that at hospitals the pay for RPN is aroun $18-$21/hr; but if you work outside a hospital the pay varies widely. You could try checking out job postings maybe to get the information.
  4. by   FutureNurse2005
    I see....

    Thanks for your reply!
  5. by   betsy1963
    The rate varies depending on the hospital, but there are some up to $24.00 an hour at the top rate.
  6. by   HGQ
    I work in a long term care facility in Toronto. A fresh new RPN makes about $18 an hour, but I hear hospitals pay better than long term care facilities.
  7. by   polo_loco
    for new grads: day shift

    doctor's clinic= 15-up
    home health care= 21-24 plus gasoline allowance; flexible hours
    long term care 18-21/hr; toronto home for the aged (a.k.a..metrohomes)= 25 to 28/hr
    hospitals= 21-26/hr