RNAO question

  1. I was looking at the RNAO site and am wondering if the Legal Assistance Program (LAP) is really worthwhile or is the professional liability protection sufficient for someone like me...I work in a doctor's office.


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  3. by   nurseman
     I think that for $60 it is a good deal

    LAP does not cover complaints to the College of Nurses of Ontario, and it only takes costs
    someone a stamp to make a complaint against you.
  4. by   laurasc
    It probably is a good deal.

    Problem is with the cost of the CNO, RNAO basic and LAP....not to mention if you want to enroll in any interest groups....it ends up costing mucho $$$ just to practice nursing.

    Guess that's peanuts compared to what it will cost should someone decide to sue.

    Thanks for the info!