RN student seeking employment while in school

  1. I'm an RN student finishing the 3rd term of 8 in Vancouver. I would like to get a part-time or casual position in the healthcare field. I've been told that at this point in the curriculum, I have acquired the skills necessary to work as a PCA.

    I saw a posting for a position as a Nursing Assistant at a local hospital. Is this the same thing?

    In your opinion, how well do people do in jobs they weren't specifically trained/educated for?
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  3. by   kathkrn
    The position of a PCA involves patient care and assistance. It can be a great learning opportunity for a nursing student. We have 2 nursing students in that role where I work. I would interpret "nursing assistant" to be that of a PCA, and as a nirsing student, you should be qualified for the position.

    Apply. The worse thing is that you won't get the job...