Reference/Study Guides for CANADIAN students???

  1. I am starting the nursing program this fall (BSc) and am looking for a good reference/study guide to carry me through to the end. I have checked out Mosby's Canadian Comprehensive review of nursing, it seems pretty good but before I purchase one I would like the input of other Canadian students/nurses. Are the American review books pretty much the same or am I better to stick with a Canadian version? Can anyone suggest a good guide for me? What other books you would suggest for a new student? Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   InnovativeNurse
    I will be starting my RPN (after graduating from university) in September, and always had a nack for picking the right books. I have no idea if the following are actually used by actual practicing nurses, these are simply books that "in theory" nurses should use in my opnion.

    Here you go

    -Medical Terminology 4th edition - By Chabner - Really good, if you work thorough it.
    -All of Mosby's "Notecards" - Really good reference guides you can tear them out and use them as flashcards, durable too.
    -Clinical Nursing Pocket Guide by Marilynn and Lee Jackson seems good. Very concise; the tabs are really useful.
    - Nurse's 5-Minute Clinical Consult - I bought this and seems excellent so far, probably will hang on to it.
    - The nursing barchart is really good too: 1572224932