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  1. Anyone interested in helping out a student nurse?

    Needed A Registered Nurse needed to talk to. I have an online assignment due soon and I would like to find someone willing to spend a little time chatting about general nursing practice. I would like to spend time talking to someone who practices in a different country from mine, because I want to be able to see the different perspective of nursing and any different nursing issues that you currently deal with. We, in Canada, are currently experiencing a huge nursing shortage and this has placed a severe strain on health care workers here. The baby boomers are getting ready to get retired and the new graduates are having to try to fill the gap! And to add insult, our health care system is in transition as they are comtemplating privatization! What is the current nursing condition in Australia? How is the health care system there?

    ME: I am a first year nursing student living in British Columbia, Canada and have been looking for an online nurse to help me out. Help! Please message me if you feel you would like to help a fellow future colleague out. My assignment is due by next Thursday, please respond quickly if you would like to help.

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