Qualify in March (UK) no jobs here could I come to Oz?

  1. As the title says, I've invested 3 years and find I'm on the "dole" in but a few months. Is it feasable to use my qualification to get over to Oz straight away? The only jobs going in my local hospital is porters jobs I feel no guilt to taking my skills abroad now.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Getting your registration, immigration visa and everything else organised will take TIME. One of the easiest routes is to try and get sponsored to come over - many hospitals will do this on a temporary visa. However it does mean that you have to stay with that hospital on that visa. Hospitals are far, far more likely to sponsor a temporary visa than a permanent one. I posted that Tasmania has an acute shortage of nurses - perhaps it might be worth your while to apply there - the climate in Tassie is similar to England so no worries about melting in our summer!!

    Temporary visas mean that you do not have to apply to the AMNC for registration - you can register just for that state so saving money.