Pre-Health Sciences (BScN)

  1. I was wondering if taking a Pre-Health Science (BScN) course wherever they are offered, would make me eligible for any BScN course offered in Ontario? e.g. Let's say I took the Pre-Health Science course over at Mohawk College, could I take the BScN course over at Ryerson instead of McMaster?

    What about taking a General Arts and Science course? Where would my eligibility stand upon completion, as far as pursuing a career in Health Care?

    I really would like to attend a university closer to my family down here in Scarbrough, Seneca's Pre-Health Science programs say that you would be able to apply to the Seneca/York, and Mohawk enables you to apply for Mohawk/McMaster. I know that McMaster is a great school, but it's too far and I'm not too sure about the nursing program offered at York. If possible Ryerson is what I'm aiming for. I shouldn't have slacked off... I guess this is the price that I have to pay?
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  3. by   joanna73
    There are no guarantees. Nursing programs are competitive everywhere. Taking a pre-health program will not automatically allow you entrance into the nursing programs. Aim for good grades, apply to a few schools and hope for the best.
  4. by   joanna73
    And yes, it doesn't really matter where you take the pre health program. You can apply anywhere for your BScN.
  5. by   BosRMT
    I'm doing the General Arts and Science at Humber and only Humber will accept me. I was looking into all the schools last year and it seems they will mainly only accept those who took the pre-health at their school. However, if you're looking at ryerson-GB has a pre-health that only will work to get into practical nursing, not BscN. I'd contact all the schools and ask them incase things have changed since last year as things could