PRC Requirement for 2007

  1. Hi! I am a graduating student this march and I would like to clarify the PRC requirement for cases that are need to be submitted. :uhoh21:
    What diagnosis do they require? I think post-op dx for OR cases (since pre op might be change after esp. in E-Lap, ryt?) but how about the DR cases? what diagnosis should be placed? Also who do they require for the signature of each case: the C.I. or the Scrub Nurse?
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  3. by   ricph
    Hi jeanejolie! I can send you a copy of the PRC form that I submitted last year if you want, so that you may know what data to fill in the forms. Just send your email address thru private messaging.
  4. by   eivan
    Verify the diagnosis with the logbook (usually blue in color) in the OR. From what I remember it is the scrub nurse and the chief nurse of the hospital aside from the school administrators.
  5. by   eddernest
    For Major and Minor cases both the C.I and Scrub nurse is required to sign but for DR cases only the C.I. is required to sign.. After Completing the signitures of each cases required, you then let your Clinical Coordinator and Dean sign before going to the chief nurse of the hospital.