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  1. [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME~1/JOCA/LOCALS~1/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image002.jpg[/IMG] Hi,everyone.I am very glad to join you.I am physiotherapist from Belgrade.I should come to Abu Dhabi and work for one clinic.But,I must make examination for MOH license.I will be very greatfull if somebody can help me about next questions- What is it like exam for license?
    Do I take examination orraly,practical or in writing?
    Can I find questions for exam anything in Internet?
    And, any other information will be help for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   Nurse Ratched

    Welcome to allnurses. I am unsure whether you are a physical therapist or a physiatrist (which is medical specialty.) Both are separate from nursing and require different education, licensing and exams. I'm not sure anyone here can help with your question, but I wish you well in your search.