Overseas Psyc nurse sitting NCLEX

  1. Hello All Nurses crew,
    I'm a UK trained Mental Health Nurse (MHN) and really want to move to Canada. I've looked at the NCLEX which is mandatory to get into Nursing in Canada, it's so way out of my depth :-(.

    Is there anyone out there who trained as MHN and has done the NCLEX exam give me some advise please?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Not sure which province you plan on living and working in but this might give you an idea on the RMN route requirements for one of the 4 provinces that accepts RMN http://www.crpnbc.ca/wp-content/uplo...xamination.pdf
  4. by   Australia Psyc Nurse
    Thank you so much Silverdragon102, much appreciated. I'm in the process of doing the NNAS paperwork and its so daunting, not to mention expensive. I just thought Canada did NCLEX for Psych nurses but the article you've posted for me, really makes me feel so much better. Thank you again :-)