Orientation time for new grads in BC?

  1. I asked this question in the main discussion area, but I've found the reponses from Americans to be very different from ones from Canadians.

    How much orientation would you consider to be adequate? (In BC)

    I am a new grad who has been offered a position on a a geriatric medical ward with 4 days of hospital orientation and 1 day shift and 1 night shift of ward orientation.

    I did my last semester of preceptorship on this ward so I am used to the ward routines, etc, but I'm concerned that this won't be enough time. Is this an unreasonable amount of orientation or am I just experiencing typical new grad jitters?
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  3. by   fergus51
    I think that's typical in your situation (having done your preceptorship on the ward already). I think one full set might be better (2days, 2nights), but you can always negotiate this with your employer. Also ask if you will have any buddy assigned to you after orientation (someone you can go to for questions when you're done orientation).