ontario new grad eligibility question

  1. hi

    i apologise if this has been asked already in another thread, but i had a question about the onatrio new grad inititative that i was hoping someone could help me with....

    reading over the website it says that a nursing grad is eligible for the program for six months after graduation. i was wondering if my "graduation" date refers to convocation itself, or the date where i stopped taking classes (about 1.5 months prior). if anyone could clarify i would be very grateful.

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  3. by   dishes
    Graduation refers to the date the course was completed http://www.healthforceontario.ca/upl...an-2011-en.pdf
  4. by   blacktoenail
    ok. thanks for your help!
  5. by   27400
    I called them before and they say that the last day = the day you receive your FINAL marks.